Good Morning Sunshine


4.5 Cups Water


1.5 Cups Old Fashioned Oat Flakes


1 Cup Red Quinoa


2 Tbsp. Salba Seeds


4 Tbsp. Maple Syrup


1.5 Tsp. Pure Vanilla Extract


2 Tbsp. Coconut Oil


1 Cup Wild Blueberries or Dried Cranberries


Bring the water to a boil, then add it to the crock pot. Add the rest of the ingredients. Cook on low for 5-7 hours. (Overnight)


Variations: Serve with fresh blueberries and sliced bananas and 1/4 cup of Skyr or greek yogurt.




About Vegetable Stock


In most soup recipes, "stock or water" appears on the list of ingredients. You can make delicious soups using plain water as the vehicle but vegetable stock lends a fuller, more robust flavour. Stock making is an old-fashioned approach to soup; it enriches the atmospehere of our modern, expedient kitchens. Further, it makes good use of vegetable scraps which would otherwise be thrown away.


The best vegetable stock comes from the discarded skins and innards of:


Onions   Apples    Garlic    Potatoes    Pears    Pineapples

Melons    Peppers    Zucchini tips    Parsley stems

Tomato tops and bottoms    Pea pods    Scallion tops

Spinach stems    Evacuated corn cobs    Lettuce   Beets

Green string beans


If you use cabbage flavoured vegetables or celery, use sparingly as their flavours are too dominant. Eggplant will make it bitter. Do not use citrus rind or banana peels.


Collect your scraps and refrigerate in a tightly sealed container until you have enough to fill half a stock pot. Cover the scraps in the pot with water, bring to a boil and simmer uncovered for about an hour. Cool and strain it. Give it a  test taste before using.




A Green Leafy Salad


Use 2lbs of mixed greens for six people.

It is best to use a wooden bowl for tossed salads. The wood absorbs the oil and flavours and gets seasoned over the years.

The basis for a tossed salad is leafy greens -Boston lettuce, red leaf lettuce, Romaine lettuce, sweet kale and spinach. This method prepares the greens so they stay crisp and the flavours of the herbs and dressing will cling to every leaf.

The extras of the salad are delicate clippings, shavings and gratings from other vegetables, cheese, nuts and eggs. Perpare the greens first and have these extras waiting to be mixed in gently just before serving.

Make sure, of course, that all ingredients stay cold. Have the greens washed and patted dry - and all the vegetable trimmings prepared ahead of time. Toss just before you serve.


1. Rub your wooden bowl with an open clove of garlic.


2. Mix together cleaned, dried greens and larger chunks of firm vegetables in the salad bowl. (Not tomatoes!)


3. Drizzle in 1-3 Tbsp oil (olive and sunflower mixed). Toss well until all greens are coated and shiny.


4. Add herbs - fresh ones, if possible. If you use dried, use less. Best are: Basil, thyme, dill, chives, tarragon, marjoram, oregano. You don't have to use all of these. And don't be too heavy handed with the herbs. Toss well after each addition. Add salt and pepper and toss again.


5. Add 2-4 Tbsp vinegar and/or fresh lemon juice or lime juice and toss well. Always add vinegar after the oil becuase oil will only adhere to dry vegetables and vinegar will wash off the herbs if there's no oil in the greens.


6. Add 2-4 Tbsp yogurt, Icelandic skyr or sour cream, if you prefer a creamy-dressed salad.


7. Add tomatoes, grated cheese and grated vegetables, (carrots and beets, grated, are especially gorgeous.) Toss lightly.


8. Top with chosen garnishes; egg chunks, alfalfa sprouts, radish roses, more grated vegetables, croutons, etc.


Serve very cold.




A lot of my patients have asked me over the years if I had a good recipe for Hummus. I think this one if my go to and what a difference in taste using soaked, dried chickpeas to tinned.


Begin soaking the chickpeas early in the day. You will need cooking and cooling time as well.


Hummus is a chickpea pate of Middle Eastern origins. It is a spicy and rich spread, full of protein. You can use it as a sandwich spread or an appetizer (scoop it up with pieces of pita bread and sticks of raw vegetables). You can also build an entire meal around a plateful of hummus, vegetables and bread. It is filling enough.


1. 1 1/2 cups of raw chickpeas, soaked 1.5 hours and boiled until very soft


2. 3 medium cloves, minced


3. 1 1/2 tsp salt


4. Dash of tamari


5. Juice from 2 medium lemons


6. 3/4 cup tahini


7. 1/4 cup (packed) finely minced parsley


8. Lot's of black pepper and a dash of cayenne


9. 1/4 cup minced scallions


Mash chickpeas to a thick paste, using a food mill or grinder, or even a masher.


Combine everything and chill thouroughly.


Taste to correct seasonings. Some people like extra garlic, tamari or tahini.  




Guacamole can be a sald topping, sandwich spread or dip for tortilla chips.


This is the basic recipe. You can augment it with some of the options below.


1. 2 ripe avocadoes (medium-large) mashed


2. Juice of 1 lemon


3. 2 cloves of garlic, crushed


4. 1/2 tsp salt


5. Chili powder and black pepper to taste


For chunky guacamole add:


- Minced green or red peppers

- 1 small minced onion

- 1 small chopped cucumber

- 1 chopped hard boiled egg

-1 medium chopped tomato


For extra creaminess add:


- homemade mayonnasie, Skyr or Greek yogurt, to taste


How to make your own tortilla chips


Take a dozen tortillas (raw), homemade or frozen, store bought, and cut them into quarters.

Heat 1/2 inch of safflower or sunflower oil in a heavy skillet until it is hot enough to instantly sizzle a drop of water. Deep fry the tortilla quarters until crisp and brown. Drain on a double thickness of paper towels.



Cream of Asparagus Soup

Preparation time: 50 minutes and 4-5 servings

The season of asparagus is here, so why not make a delicious asparagus soup.

2 cups stock

1 1/2 cups chopped onion

6 Tbsp. butter

6 Tbsp. flour

1/2 - 1 tsp. fresh dill

1 1/2 lbs fresh asparagus

4 cups scalded milk

1 Tbsp. salt

Dash of white pepper

Dash of tamarin

Break off the tough asparagus bottoms and save in your stock-scrap container. Break off the asparagus tips and set aside.

Chops the stalks and cook them with the onions and butter, salting them lightly. After about 8-10 minutes, when the onions are clear, sprinkle in the flour. Continue to cook over the lowest heat possible, 5-8 minutes. Add the stock and cook 8 more minutes, stirring frequently until thickened. Puree the sauce, adding the milk in bit by bit to the blender. Blend in the tamarin. Return the soup to the stove and heat gently over low heat. Do not boil. As it heats, steam or saute the asparagus tips until tender but still very green. Add these, whole, to the soup.

Serve immediately.

Spring Vegetable Soup

This soup is subtle and exquisite, made with tiny baby vegetables, fresh from the store but it can still be made in the dead of winter using whatever produce is available including frozen corn and peas. Serves 4-5.

2 large potatoes

1 cup fresh or frozen peas

Kernels from 2 ears of sweet corn, or frozen

1 1/2 cups of diced onion

2 medium carrots, diced into little cubes

1 cup diced broccoli

1 green pepper, diced

2 small (5-6" long) zucchini, diced

3 Tbsp butter

2 cups water

1 liter milk, warmed

1 1/2 tsp salt

1/4 tsp black pepper

Fresh thyme (or 1/2 tsp dried)

1/4 tsp nutmeg


Other possibilities: Snippets of early green beans or summer squash, a variety of fresh herb snippings (especially basil or marjoram).

Scrub and dice the potatoes. Cook them in 2 cups of water until soft. Mash or puree them in the blender, include the cooking water. Add the peas and corn to the potato puree.

Heat the butter in aheavy skillet and cook the onions with salt, for 8 minutes. Add other vegetables in order of appearance, saute for about 8 minutes after each addition. When all the veggies are tender and brightly coloured, add to the potato mixture.

Slowly add the warm milk to the soup. Add seasonings to taste. Gently heat the soup through (don't boil it) and serve immediately - with a good dark rye bread.

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